Cort B5 5 string bass

5-string custom bass by Ivan Vulchinov

Laney RB7 Combo

Behringer Bass Overdrive

S-Amp by Nikifena

Favourite music

Metallica, Dream Theater, Ayreon, Queensryche, Jason Becker, Sinergy, Vinnie Moore, Children of Bodom, Joe Satriani, Pink Floyd, Symphony X, Tony McAlpine, Nikolo Paganini

More about Pancho

I remeber passing by near Plovdiv Music school's old building. I was about 5 years old then. There was some beautiful piece of music floating from the school and out on the street. I must have expressed a strong desire to learn to play like that, because few months later I found myself standing in front of several broad-smiling music teachers that were just about to decide whether I had a musical ear or not. They made a huge mistake by letting me pass, obviously. However, on the way out, they asked me which musical instrument I wanted to master. Violin. "Why violin?" was the tricky question. "Because it's easy to play", I replied confidently. I couldn't realize then why were they loughing so much.

That's how my music experience began. It took me eight years to realize just how ridiculous my statement had been back then, in front of those nice ladies. After a brief musical pause, I got myself an acoustic guitar and started playing Metallica songs from dawn 'till dusk. The electric guitar followed, then the bass. I certainly don't concider myself a vocalist, but I get to enjoy singing more and more as time passes by.

Apart from music, I'm a calm person (should I say boring). Tennis is my favourite sport. Unfortunately, the growing absence of spare time has turned this hobby more into watching tournaments on TV than practicing. Lets not forget Formula 1, of course. I love cinema, especially serious one. Another passion of mine is web design. Although my development skills are still far from professional, testing is not (or at least I hope so). And it's all done wholeheartedly! So, if there is something you don't like 'round here, you already know whom the fault lies with. Have a nice time browsing!