Vic Firth 5A Extreme Drum Sticks

Tama Starclassic 14x5'' Snare drum

Tama Starclassic Maple 8x7''; 10x8''; 12x10''; 14x14''; 16x16'' toms

Tama Starclassic 22x17'' kick drum

Tama hardware

Hand made Octoban set Low Pich

Mapex Double PEdal

Mapex 10x5.5'' Side snare drum

Yamaha remote hi-hat

Sabian cymbals: SABIAN AAX 18'' explosion crash / SABIAN HHX 18'' stage crash / SABIAN AAX 19'' extreme china / SABIAN AA 21'' metal ride / SABIAN HHX 14'' stage hats / SABIAN AAX 13'' stage hats / SABIAN Vault splash 7'' Mike Portnoy signature set / SABIAN Vault splash 9'' Mike Portnoy signature set

LP cymbals: LP Ice Bell 10''

Stagg cymbals: Stagg SH 18'' china (I just love that cymbal!) / Stagg 8'' splash

REMO drum heads: Main snare: Emperor coated/Ambassador coated/Controlled sound coated / Side snare: Ambassador coated / Toms: Remo Emperor Clear / Kick drum: Powerstroke 3 (The best drumhead for BD ever!) / Octoban set: Ambassador clear/Diplomat clear

Favourite music

TransAtlantic, Dream Theater, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix, Korn, Michael Petrucciani, Planet X, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Yes, Toto, King Crimson, Peter Cincotti, Mike Portnoy, Simon Phillips, Ian Paice, Neal Morse...

More about Spaz

So, I do design (inventing and watching), music (playing and listening), riding a motorbike (combined with pouring gasoline, swearing Golf drivers and others), talking crap and sleeping (more rare than not). I've been interested in these things (design especially), let's say, since I was very little. I'm not so grown up still, but that does not mean I haven't been involved with design for quite a while. It doesn't mean the opposite, either. Whatever. I'm sure that years from now, the literature teachers will explain what I've been trying to say, 'cause I don't know how...but they will, I'm 100% and 1000/10000 sure. They always do. Whatever.

I play drums. I used to have a blue Amati set, with cymbals and stuff. Now I have a better one. Bigger. I am, generally's not that I'm not speaking in general or that I'm so poor I cannot open two (2) doors by myself. No. So, generally speaking, I want to emphasize that I'm an idiot, a selfish, egocentric, arrogant person, etc. Apart from these, I'm a really nice person. A kind of person you will never bring ill-luck on. Right, mom? - "Yes!". Right. As far as job is concerned, I try to be perfect in all matters, 'cause it's not nice the other way around, you know. As a child I thought I knew it all. Now I know I don't know anything. But it's a good thing one knew this. It's a piece of useful information.

Personally speaking, I don't have much left to say. I don't like football, but I would gladly sell my arteries for motor sports without thinking twice. Outside sports I'm a nice person...I'm one hell of a person, all right. Whatever. I have hobbies, a bunch of them. I like doing exercises. Body-building builds up unique discipline in people who have the guts and will to train. This sport is extremely tough, both physically and mentally.

I exercise midwifery and gynecology, too. Actually, I don't do these things. I'm the only person that knows about the Pacific ocean. Nobody knows about it, only me. And engineer Donev as well. Including his daughter Tzonka and a semi-blind penguin named Kostadin that speaks Spanish.